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  • Thoroughly wash and rinse your chosen vase

  • Fill the vase with fresh water and stir in the flower food provided which is a mixture of minerals and other nutrients missing in tap water.  You will need 1 litre of water to one sachet of flower food.  Be careful not to drop flower food on your clothing and do not use metal containers as the nutrients will be destroyed.

  • Remove all the packaging but keep the twine in place if you want to retain the design of your bouquet.

  • Using a sharp, clean knife, scissors or secateurs cut at least 2cm off each stem at a 45° angle.  Flowers with woody stems should be cut at an angle and split.  Do not crush stems as this destroys their molecular structure and prevents water from being absorbed.  Remove any foliage which may be in the water as it will decompose and the water will begin to smell and discolour, spoiling your flowers.

  • Place in a cool position avoiding direct sunlight or draughts, do not place near ripening fruit.

  • Refresh the water daily.

  • Arrangements that are set in an oasis should be kept moist but not waterlogged and should not be allowed to dry out.

Take Care:

  • Berries and Lily pollen will stain

  • None of our flowers or berries should be eaten.

  • Flower food should be kept out of reach of children.



If you put it in metal containers, they will get infected by the oxidantsuse a glass /plastic vase to get the most out of your flowers!

Bleach will keep your water from getting cloudy as well as help fight bacteria, some preach they stay fresh much longer when they’ve done this!

Clean two thirds of the stem. Just like your skin, the stem of the flower is breathing so you need to make sure that it is not just drinking from the bottom.

Pull rose petals off that appear to fading away this will encourage the rose to bloom

Don’t leave your flowers out of the water for more than 2 minutes after you cut them - The bottom will dry in seconds and form an air bubble

If you do not have flower food the best way to extend the life of cut flowers is to add some sugar into the water


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